Durham Women’s Gala set for 30 June 2018

Women Female Feminism Lady Madam Friends Concept

2018 marks 100 years since women in the UK were give the vote. Women across County Durham came together in September 2017 and agreed to organise a FREE celebration event in Wharton Park in Durham.

The date has confirmed as Saturday 30 June 2018.

For decades women in County Durham organised their own Gala. At its peak, it attracted thousands of people and saw speakers such as Barbara Castle, Jennie Lee and Harold Wilson. In this centenary year of women’s suffrage, we are bringing it back to celebrate how much women in County Durham have achieved, and to look at ahead at what must still be done.

The Women’s Gala itself will take place in Wharton Park on Saturday 30 June 2018, 12pm-4pm.

There will be speakers, live music, refreshments, crafts, mini golf, mini cars, football, women’s section banners, voter registration, and spaces for unions and not-for-profit organisations to recruit and fundraise. All are welcome regardless of gender, and families are particularly encouraged to attend. Entry will be free.


You can contact us at womensgala@outlook.com


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