Following last year’s success, the Durham Women’s Gala will return on 8th June 2019 to celebrate women’s contribution to society. Taking place in Wharton Park, the historic home of both the Women’s Gala and the Durham Miners’ Gala, this year’s event will focus on young women and their role in politics as part of the TUC Year of the Young Worker.

The family-friendly event will bring together inclusive, child-friendly activities with live music, food and feminism. Speakers will include the Shadow Attorney General, Baroness Shami Chakrabarti, Northumbria PCC Vera Baird, and young feminist campaigners from Tyneside to Teesside. Some of the North East’s premier female musical acts will perform for visitors, and entry will once again be free of charge.

Maura McKeon, chair of the Friends of the Durham Women’s Gala and Durham’s youngest County Councillor, said ‘It is vital that a diverse array of voices speaks at all levels of our politics, and young women bring a unique perspective. Frustratingly, we often have to fight harder to be taken seriously. I hope that the Women’s Gala can amplify our voice and shine a light on the formidable women of all ages who are building a better North East.’

The Gala is supported by UNISON, the public-sector trade union and the largest women’s organisation in the UK.

Last year’s event welcomed over 1000 people to Durham City to mark 100 years of women’s suffrage.



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